Salam 3laikum....

Exam... Exam... Exam...
The first..
The second..
The final..
To many exams studying at JUST

And for the time being..
We're sitting for final
We had done 2 exams so far
And 4 becoming exams next 2 weeks

9/1 - Lab Bio
14/1 - Biology
18/1 - English
19/1 - Arabic
24/1 - Chemistry
25/1 - Physics

Well, frankly..
I'm hardly wait for the holidays
Eventhough my first plan (going to Mesir)
And also my second plan (going to Dubai to visit my uncle)
Both have ruined
(I'm very sorry my dear friends in Mesir)
And it's too late to register my name for other visits conducted by agents
As far as I know
The registration has closed

(looking forward to go here-Egypt-to visit historical places(surely it will not solely a visit.. tadabbur the history) and of course to meet my frens-there a lot of my frens there.. they can held such a great reunion meeting..huhu)

(Dubai- none in Dubai is historical place. Might be going here with my uncle)

I'm just hoping that Allah will plan the best for me this holiday
But, surely I have to work for it
Not just sitting.. praying.. dreaming..
Think!! Think!! Think!!
Think of something that can improve myself
According to 10 muwassafat tarbiyah
So that, the time will not be wasted

I will walk along the path
Well, in this case..
Along the path of holidays
But, it's on me to choose
What to do on that days

I have to plan
So that this becoming holiday will not be holidays
But working days
Working of iman
Working of mind
Working of jasad
Because Muslims never stop to have rest
Because once they stop
The soul will be reluctant to continue back with what it used to do before
Yet, Muslims only stop to do work
The work is muhasabah an nafs

Wake up, Nadhirah!

"Ya Allah, place us at the best place. And grant us the best live eventhough it's full with hardships because we know that it's the best for us"

Those who are reading this..
Please make dua3 for uor success
Those who make du3a for others,
The Malaikah will hit the dua3 back for the doer

Wallahu a3lam


faiq zaini said...

waa.. nk g dubai?

bitaufiq exam.. :)

bawahbumi said...

insyaAllah bittaufiq sume2
jgn sedih yek!
=) tengok ena snyum nih,hu3

c-lah said...

la nad..x jadi pi ke aritu..ptt la snyap je..x pe..isyaAllah ade rezeki dpt la pi..gud luck to u for ur exm..lets pray together2..